How the land-based casino industry is building for the future

It remains a central component of the global gaming industry, and land-based operators will be looking into how to change their businesses for the better at ICE London 2023.


For the gaming industry, most of the attention over the last few years has been focused online. It makes sense - online gambling is more accessible for players who may not live near land-based venues, and it's so convenient to play the same games on mobile devices or computers.

Plus, with the pandemic limiting in-person interactions, many players had no choice but to take their business online.

However, in-person gaming remains a staple of the industry, and casinos around the world are looking to change and adapt to a new marketplace, including a growing number of younger players.

Changing the game in Sin City

For decades, Vegas was all about that "old-school cool" generated by the Rat Pack and the like. However, as younger generations became further removed from Sinatra and Martin, the vibe had to shift to keep up with the times.

One primary example is Fremont Street, which used to be where visitors could sample "traditional" casinos. Today, thanks to the diligent work of Derek Stevens, Fremont Street is spearheading a new Las Vegas experience.

One way that Stevens elevated the downtown area was by building the Circa Resort and Casino, the first major development in the area in over 40 years. Circa showed Vegas that change could happen and revitalize what was once a neglected stretch of the city.

Progress in the gaming industry

Younger generations are more in touch with social issues, particularly when it comes to progress and privilege. So, land-based casinos are stepping up their commitments to becoming leaders of change.

According to Tiina Siltanen, vice chair of the European Casino Association, the industry as a whole is working hard to address diversity, safety and the protection of the most vulnerable. Siltanen also remarks that casino operators are best when working together, which is why an event like ICE is so valuable for the industry.

Siltanen and other gaming leaders will speak at ICE this year, as it’s the perfect venue for discussions of diversity, security, and the future of gaming as it pertains to social issues. The International Casino Conference is an integral part of this conversation, so be sure to book your spot as soon as possible.

Opening the door to new possibilities

Although casinos (both land-based and online) are always front and center at events like ICE, this year, the organisers are expanding the presence of two new groups - street gaming and tribal casinos. Both of these industries are vital elements of the industry, and their voices have been lacking at events in the past.

ICE attendees will get to look closer at both of these types of operations. The Street Gaming Hub can give operators a peek behind the scenes at these games, and the US Indian Gaming Association will host seminars and Q&As at the Tribal Gaming Seminar.

ICE 2023 is looking forward to the future of gaming and how land-based casinos will need to adapt to the changing landscape. As a forward-thinking event, industry leaders can collaborate and discuss new ideas and how to bring progress to the sector.

So, be sure to register for ICE this year and be a part of the future! We’ll see you there!