The impact of cashless on the consumer

Consumers have embraced cashless solutions, which can make gambling payments as easy as busying a coffee.

While cashless gaming was frowned upon by regulators pre-Covid, fears over public health have since accelerated its regulatory adoption across the US. Cash costs money, so casinos have embraced cashless and so have consumers, who can now use cashless to gamble just as they can use it to buy a coffee.

But there is still lots of learning and research to be done about the real impact of cashless on the consumer, says Alan Feldman, distinguished fellow with the UNLV Center for Gaming Regulation.

The Center is leading a project to analyse the potential risks and safeguards needed for this emerging technology. That research cannot be restricted to academic labs – full industry collaboration and an open door policy are paramount for the results to be impactful, he explains.

Featuring Alan Feldman, Distinguished Fellow, International Center for Gaming Regulation, UNLV