Belgian Gaming Commission and Pro League team up to create new marketing guidelines

The Belgian Gaming Commission has strengthened its partnership with the Jupiler Pro League, the country’s top division of football, jointly introducing a series of responsible advertising guidelines, including a ban on partnerships with operators not licensed by the Commission.


The league and commission did not release the full guidelines, but said operators must not include an inducement to bet in their messages. “Advertising betting on certain stages of a match” is also not permitted, but the regulator did not elaborate on what type of bets this entails.

In addition, those operators without a Belgian licence may not sponsor a club, and all sponsors must be reported to the Cmmisison.

“Each new collaboration will be announced to the Gaming Commission,” the league and regulator said. “When an operator commits infringements or loses its license, the Gaming Commission will also report this to the Pro League and the club for further action.”

An independent integrity committee will also be created, which includes representatives from the academic and sporting world. This committee will monitor clubs’ policies and create recommendations to enhance sporting integrity.

The league and Commission said it felt it was important to go above and beyond the legal requirements in order to protect customers.

“The absolute starting point of communication and marketing around games of chance and betting is the protection of consumers,” they said. “It is essential that excessive gambling should be prevented as much as possible. That is why the Gaming Commission and the Pro League want to go further than what is legally imposed today.”