Could Japan's licensing saga conclude with two - not three - IRs?

When the dust settles, will all three Japanese integrated resorts licences have been issued?

The Japanese government, after multiple delays, remains set on opening the IR licensing process by April, with a view to selecting three licensees within a year. But when the dust settles, will all three licences have been issued?

With the ambiguity around how many prefectures will actually apply - especially considering the twists seen in Yokohama - other prefectures may make a late bid to snap up a licence. Or only two of three could be awarded.

Toru Mihara, Chair of the National Council on Gaming Legislation, Ayako Nakayama, Director at the Japan IR Association and Brendan Bussmann, discuss the remaining challenges for the development of the IR industry and make predictions on what the market will look like once the process is complete.