Lithuania introduces land-based registration requirements

The Lithuanian government has adopted an emergency resolution for all land-based gaming venues to register all visitors to help trace the spread of novel coronavirus (Covid-19).


In addition, the emergency rules set opening hours of 7am until midnight for gaming establishments which offer food, but there is no such restriction for those which do not.

The changes come via an amendment to Lithuania’s existing emergency rules for the pandemic, which was proposed by Darius Domarkas and the Lithuanian Ministry of the Interior.

The resolution became law on Wednesday 21 October and comes into effect today (26 October).

Earlier this month, the country introduced a series of strict new know-your-customer guidelines for gaming operators following accusations that the sector is a fertile ground for money laundering. Enhanced customer identification is required for a politically exposed person or a high-risk customer from abroad and the operator must check all registrations to confirm whether a client fits into that category.

Operators must also verify the source of assets and funds on the basis of reliable independent data, documents or information when performing enhanced due diligence checks.