Michigan regulator launches scheme to remove unregulated gaming machines

The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) and the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) are implementing education and enforcement initiatives across the state, designed to encourage businesses to remove unregulated gaming machines.


Legislation in Michigan prohibits any kind of gambling not authorised under state law, meaning gambling machines operated outside of licensed casinos are illegal.

Both agencies will share information with businesses and the general public which will disclose exactly what is legal within the state, in an attempt to counteract misleading information either party might have been told.

The bodies hope that enhanced knowledge of illegal gambling and its consequences will help put a stop to the practice within Michigan.

MGCB executive director Henry Williams said: “Illegal gambling can lead to other, more serious crimes that compromise safety in Michigan communities.

“Citizens who use these unregulated machines also have little recourse if they feel cheated. They can’t file a formal dispute with an unregulated operator and ask our agency to review the outcome as they can when participating in licensed, legal gaming.”

Michigan reported casino revenue of $1.3bn in 2021 after venues were open consistently following the novel coronavirus pandemic.

MLCC chair Pat Gagliardi added: “Liquor licensees who allow illegal gambling and who fail to remove gambling devices used for illegal gaming from their businesses can face violations from the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.

“Illegal gambling is considered a serious violation by the Commission, and the penalties from a violation can include fines, suspension or revocation of a liquor license. Liquor licensees are encouraged to utilize only legal forms of gambling to stay compliant with the Commission’s laws and rules.”