Belgium to reduce maximum number of online betting licences

Belgium has reduced the maximum number of online sports betting licensees permitted from 34 to 31 through a new royal decree amending an earlier decree.


The Royal Decree of 22 December 2010 regarding the maximum number of online sports betting operators set the number of licensees allowed from 2010 until 2020 at 34.

With this law having expired, a new decree was issued by the country’s government, which will last until 31 July, 2022. Under this new decree, the number of F1 licensees, which may offer online sports betting, is reduced to 31.

Currently, the Commission has issued 24 active F1 licences, with Unibet, Bwin and Betway among those licensed.

Prior to determining the new number of licensees, the government heard opinions from the Gaming Commission, as well as the Budget Ministry and the finance inspectorate.

Last month, the Belgian Gaming Commission also added three new sites to its blacklist of unlicensed online gambling operators. These sites were the esports-focused and, plus casino site VIPStakes.