Grover Gaming receives full certification in Ohio

Gaming supplier Grover Gaming has received full certification for its electronic instant bingo system in Ohio.


The comes as the company also received an electronic instant bingo endorsement for its existing Ohio Bingo Manufacturer's licence.

Grover Gaming announced its acquisition of electronic bingo game manufacturer NexLevl Gaming last week, ahead of the receipt of its certification.

Electronic instant bingo was legalised in Ohio through a bill passed in July 2021. The bill states that the Ohio Attorney General's officer is unable to issue instant bingo licences until 1 April.

The Ohio Attorney General's Office is currently certifying manufacturers and distributors of electronic bingo devices in the state.

“That is great to have that endorsement, but the really exciting news to me is that we have received full lab certification of our Electronic Instant Bingo system for Ohio and our initial 17 games from Gaming Laboratories International,” said Tyler LeMoine, electronic pull-tab product manager for Grover Gaming.

“The approved games are some of the best in the industry and we fully expect them to lead the pack in Ohio also.

“We also will add other new, custom designed games on a regular basis so we can continue to do good work for the charities in Ohio.”

Dorwin Howard, compliance and licensing specialist at Grover Gaming, added that the company expects a distributor licence, and the endorsement related to that, to come through this week.

“We were already licensed as a bingo supply manufacturer in Ohio, but we had also applied for the separate distributor license and the electronic instant bingo endorsement to each of those licenses," said Howard.

“We expect to receive the distributor license and endorsement for electronic instant bingo in the next couple days and that both will be effective on Friday."