Veikkaus extends €500 daily loss limit until end of June

Finnish gambling monopoly Veikkaus has announced a temporary reduction on the maximum players can lose in a day to €500 (£428/$590) will remain until at least 30 June.


Veikkaus first introduced the limit in May last year, as part of efforts to protect players from gambling harm during the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

This has been extended a number of times throughout the pandemic, with the latest renewal, ordered by Finland’s Ministry of the Interior, meaning that the measure will have been in place for more than a year.

The cap applies to “fast-paced online games” such as online lottery games, slots, bingo and table games, with an exception for poker. The loss limit is effective across the Veikkaus website and mobile application.

However, customers’ monthly loss limit will remain at €2,000, after Veikkaus in December increased this to pre-pandemic levels, while keeping the temporary daily limit in place.

“In the current situation, a reduced maximum daily loss limit can be considered a justified means of protecting vulnerable people or preventing problem gambling and gambling harm that may be activated in a crisis situation,” the Ministry of the Interior said.

“The measure can prevent early game disadvantages, but also the activation of a more serious game problem.

“The measure directly addresses the economic disadvantages associated with gambling, but indirectly it can also prevent and reduce other adverse effects related to excessive gambling.”