Chinese Lottery sales continue to grow in July

The Chinese Lottery recorded sales of CNY36.25bn (£4.07bn/€4.73bn/$5.61bn) in July, 0.3% ahead of the revenue recorded in July 2020, and 4.7% ahead of June’s total of CNY34.61bn.


The majority of revenue, at RMB24.99bn, came from the Sports Lottery, up 6.8% on June’s figure, while the remaining 11.25bn came from the Welfare Lottery, up 0.3% on June.

The Welfare Lottery’s sales for July were made up of RMB6.82bn in digital lotto sales, down 1.5% on June, with instant ticket sales also down 6.3% at RMB2.04bn.

The Welfare Lottery’s Keno type games, however, saw a 12.6% increase in sales to RMB2.40bn.

The vast majority of the Sports Lottery’s sales, meanwhile, came from predictions games, which brought in RMB17.71bn, up 13.4% on June.

Digital lotto sales brought in a further RMB5.41bn for the Sports Lottery, down 3.0%, while instant ticket sales amounted to RMB1.86bn, down 14.6%. Video lottery games brought in just RMB90,000, though this was up 36.0% on June.

By region, Guangdong province brought in the largest proportion of sales, at RMB3.31bn, followed by Zhejiang and Jiangsu, at RMB2.86bn and RMB2.67bn, respectively.

Total sales for the year-to-date equal RMB214.68bn, which means 2021 is currently tracking 34.1% ahead of 2020.