Spillemyndigheden offers advice to players amid Covid-19

Denmark’s gaming authority (Spillemyndigheden) and problem gambling helpline StopSpillet have issued guidance to consumers to encourage responsible play amid the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.


Denmark’s Gaming Authority (Spillemyndigheden) has issued guidance to consumers to encourage responsible play amid the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

The Authority reminded players who are gambling more because they are alone during the shutdown, or those who have shifted activity to new verticals after the cancellation of almost all global sport, that its problem gambling helpline StopSpillet is available to those who need it. The helpline offers advice both over the phone and through an online chat service.

The Gaming Authority added that gambling addiction treatment services could continue, via video link, during the shutdown.

“During this time, there is extra reason to focus on responsible gaming,” Spillemyndigheden said.

StopSpillet also offered four tips to customers looking for help gambling responsibly during the shutdown. It encouraged players to set time limits on games and attempt to keep their normal daily structure in place as much as possible.

“When everyday life has changed, time can easily slip by,” it said. “If you choose to play, it may be a good idea that before you start the game, you set a time frame for your gambling and decide to adhere to it. Feel free to set an alarm on your phone.”

The helpline also encouraged players to set deposit limits.

In addition, it encouraged players who need a break from gambling to sign up for self-exclusion scheme ROFUS. Players can exclude themselves from gambling using ROFUS for 24 hours, one month, three months, six months or permanently.

Finally, the StopSpillet encouraged players to only play for enjoyment and not to gamble more than they are willing to lose.

“Gambling can be fun and entertaining, and that's the way it is for most people who play,” it said. “But if you find that you are no longer playing for fun, but are trying to win back losses or feel discomfort such as a restlessness by not playing, then it is time to slow down.”

Tomorrow (1 April), new marketing regulations for gambling are set to come into effect in Denmark, requiring operators to incorporate new information and links in their gambling marketing.

Marketing communication of all betting and casino products now must state the age limit for the game, information about national self-exclusion register ROFUS and must direct customers towards Spillemyndigheden’s guide on responsible gambling.