Coljuegos seizes illegal gaming equipment in raids

Colombian gaming regulator Coljuegos has seized 59 items of illegal gaming equipment and COP1.4bn (£261,894/€305,611) in raids on 11 establishments in the neighbourhoods of Sucre and Desepaz in Santiago de Cali.


The raids were carried out in conjunction with the Government of Valle de Cauca and the National Police.

Those found responsible will be subject to fines of COP$4m (£764.52/€892.35).

“The commitment of Coljuegos and the territorial entities is forceful,” said Carlos Andrés Zárate, manager of control of the illegal operations of Coljuegos.

“Illegality in games of luck and chance is a scourge that directly affects the health of the Colombian regions.”

For each electronic slot machine found, those responsible will be issued with a fine of COP$72.6m.

A fine of COP$272.5m is stipulated for illegal gambling operations per establishment, point of sale, outlet or vendor.

Offenders will also be prohibited from carrying out gambling operations for five years. In addition, offenders will face between 6 and 8 years in prison in accordance with article 312 of the penal code.

Zárat added that a new committee had been put in place to tackle illegal gambling.

“Today in Cali, we installed the Interinstitutional Committee for the Eradication of the Illegality of Lucky Games, an exercise that represents the commitment of the Governor, Clara LuzRoldán, for strengthening the culture of legality in this area of ​​the country.”

Last week, Coljuegos uncovered 274 pieces of illegal gambling equipment and COP$7.11bn from several raids in the cities of Bogotá and Montería.