Brazilian senators move to create anti-gambling group

Brazil’s Senate has moved to create a “Parliamentary Front Against Gambling”, in a move the Front’s leader said signals that the Senate may struggle to pass the country’s wide-ranging gambling legalisation bill.


The project was created through a single-round vote last week after being approved by senator Eduardo Girão of Podemos.

“I visited countries, I talked to the academic world, I talked to inspection and control institutions inside and outside Brazil, and I was appalled by what is behind gambling: a very powerful lobby that destroys entire lives and families,” Girão said in introducing the motion.

Senator Angelo Coronel was the lone voter against the motion.

“We can no longer live in this modern world without having the legalisation of gaming in Brazil,” he said.

The motion comes as the Senate is set to consider Bill 442/1991, which would legalise land-based casinos, online gaming, horse racing, slot machines, bingo and jogo de bicho. The bill was passed by the Chamber of Deputies in February.

President Jair Bolsonaro has warned that he plans to veto the bill, however, meaning the Senate would not only need to vote for the bill, but also to override the veto.

Girão said that passage of his motion, however, suggested that the anti-gambling front has enough votes in the Senate to block a veto override.