Videoslots reveals responsible gambling bar

Online casino operator Videoslots has unveiled a new responsible gambling bar on its website to help customers safely manage the time they spend on site.


The bar, which is being launched ahead of Safer Gambling Week kicking off tomorrow (19 November), will always be visible once a player has logged into their account.

It features an 18+ badge, session timer and direct links to Gamstop, Videoslots’ responsible gambling page and the British Gambling Commission site.

Videoslots already offers its customers responsible gambling tools to use such as wagering limits, session time alerts and limits, maximum bet limits and time out opportunities.

“The Responsible Gaming Bar will make sure our players are always aware of the time they spend on the Videoslots site," Videoslots head of responsible gambling Amina Norgosanow said.

“It gives them easy and direct access to information and assistance, like responsible gaming tools and self-exclusion, and will help them stay in control from the start to the finish of their customer journey.”

“In more general terms, it will enhance the standard of protection that our players enjoy and reduce gambling related harm. That is especially important while the coronavirus pandemic makes some players more vulnerable.

Norgonsanow said feature would remain an important and prominent part of the Videoslots website into the future even after the pandemic ends.

The British Gambling Commission urged its licensees to continue to operate responsibly during the UK’s second Covid-19 related lockdown, as it highlighted the potential for a rise in problem gambling amid the restrictions.

Industry group the Betting and Gaming Council then re-affirmed its 10-pledge Covid-19 action plan, originally released in March, in order to protect staff and customers during the pandemic.

The pledges build on actions and interventions already carried out by members, including requirements to step up the monitoring of customer behaviour and deliver tailored responses and new actions to reflect the “unprecedented situation” of lockdown restrictions.

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) also reiterated its commitment to consumer protection in October, calling on operators to be vigilant, promote safer gambling and focus their protection efforts on their most vulnerable customers.