Tanzanian regulator clarifies rules as other bodies issue own licences

Tanzania's Gaming Board has clarified how gaming licences are offered in the country, amid other bodies allegedly attempting to offer their own licences.


In a statement, the board said that it had identified several “violations” of licensing procedures, which had caused confusion for operators.

These included other government authorities issuing licences and permits to allow businesses to offer gaming in the country, in violation of Tanzania's Gaming Act No4 2003.

The Tanzania Gaming Board is the only body that is permitted to issue gambling licences in the country.

The board reminded operators that licences will only be issued if the recipient undergoes, and passes, a thorough background check.

The purpose of the clarification, read the statement, is to “eliminate the recurring confusion between operators and some business officers, cultural officers and police officers in various parts of the country”.

The confusion in who issues the licences, the statement continued, “significantly affects the operation and management of the gaming industry in the country by causing inconvenience to operators and thus depriving the government of revenue”.

In November last year the board released a proposed code for gambling advertising in Tanzania, with a focus on encouraging responsible gambling.