Sands invests in StreamLayer video system

Las Vegas Sands has made an investment of undisclosed size in audience engagement technology company StreamLayer's Video Engagement Operating System (VEOS).


VEOS allows customers - which includes sports teams and leagues - to transform video content into interactive viewing experiences for customers, on their own viewing platforms.

This can be done by personalising streams with opportunities to bet and real-time data, such as game statistics.

“StreamLayer’s mission is to change the way we watch video, making it more fun and engaging for consumers, and more profitable for rights owners and their media distribution partners,” said John Ganschow, CEO of StreamLayer.

The terms of the deal have not been revealed, but Ganschow said that the investment would help to grow VEOS's development.

“At a time when the global streaming industry is seeking solutions to attract, retain and monetise their audiences in the face of spiraling content costs, the strategic investment from Sands will allow us to accelerate our development efforts and capitalize on this growing demand.”

In April Sands made a strategic investment in sports betting integrity monitoring system US Integrity.