Frankfurt police seize 50 illegal gaming machines

Frankfurt City Police seized 50 gaming machines that were being operated illegally in the German city.


Gathered by the Metropolitan Police Operational Investigative Unit (OPE) in recent months, the machines will be professionally disposed of by a local recycling company following the completion of criminal and administrative offense proceedings.

The OPE did not disclose where the machines were seized from, nor the premises where the machines were located would face further action.

“The dedicated work of the OPE not only means the city will no longer miss out on gaming machine tax from these machines, but also that players are betting protected, as the seized machines did not have options for limits and rest periods,” the head of Frankfurt City Police, Matthias Heinrich, said.

“The work of the city police makes an important contribution to ensuring that people who play on these devices do so under control for their own protection.”

In 2021, the OPE carried out 499 inspections in commercial venues across Frankfurt in relation to illegal gambling activities.

Across 172 cases, financial penalties totalling more than €200,000 (£170,196/$214,555) were issued for the installation of illegal money and entertainment gaming machines.

These investigations led to the temporary closure of 10 factories, as well the permanent closure of two arcades, one illegal arcade and one bar. Some 102 illegal gaming machines were seized as part of the measures.

The pending destruction and recycling of the latest 50 devices means OPE has so far been able to withdraw a total of 156 devices from circulation, with the value of the machines now being destroyed in excess of €1m.