Schleswig-Holstein to offer five online table game licences

Schleswig-Holstein’s legislature (Landtag) has passed a law confirming it will issue five online table game licences, and set a tax rate of up to 44% of gross gaming revenue.


The Landtag approved a law to implement the Fourth State Treaty on Gambling, which allowed for online casino games to be offered across Germany – rather than only in Schleswig-Holstein – for the first time when it came into force in July 2021.

Within the Treaty, state governments were given a choice in how they wished to regulate online casino table games. They may either create a monopoly or issue as many licences as the state has land-based casinos. In Schleswig-Holstein, there are five land-based casinos.

With the new law, Schleswig-Holstein will opt for the latter approach, allowing for five online table game operators.

Hans-Jörn Arp, parliamentary secretary of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), confirmed that one of these licences would go to state-run Spielbank Schleswig-Holstein, leaving four other licences available.

He added that these licences would be issued “according to reputable and strict criteria”.

“It was important to us to prevent the creation of a new Las Vegas and instead to control exactly who is playing what and how the data and money flows,” he said.

The new laws also set out taxes for online table games. Revenue up to €300,000 per month will be taxed at 34%, revenue between €300,001 and €750,000 will be taxed at 39%  and higher revenue will be taxed at 44%.

Under the state treaty, a new federal authority to regulate gambling has been established in Sachsen-Anhalt. Arp added that it was necessary for all federal states to throw their support behind this body “before providers move abroad and our channeling plan would be jeopardised”.

Currently, the new regulatory body has not approved any online gaming licensees.