Sisal certified for commitment to gender equality

Italian gaming group Sisal has become the first business in the sector to be certified by the Winning Women Institute (WWI) for its commitment to gender equality.


Sisal has obtained the certificate, based upon a series of criteria, including pay equity, with females representing 41% of its workforce and making up 40% of new hires in the last year.

WWI recognised Sisal for the presence of women at all levels of the business, with 39% of women being promoted on an annual basis. Sisal added that pay difference by gender is at 11%.

The WWI certification process is based upon opportunities for growth in the company, remuneration equity and HR processes, policies for the management of gender diversity and the protection of maternity.

"The issues of diversity, equality and inclusion are at the heart of our strategies and I am really proud that Sisal has received the certification for gender equality from the Winning Women Institute," said Ruggero Dadamo, Sisal’s chief people officer.

"The path of certification on gender equality has allowed us to carry out an assessment on the dimensions that contribute to the elimination of the gender pay gap. This will allow us to focus even more in detail on the priority actions to be implemented to achieve the ambitious goal we have set ourselves: reaching the zero gender pay gap by 2030.”

Sisal has recently developed an internal diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) policy, which aims to enhance and support individuals via a welcoming environment that is inclusive, fair, attentive and respectful of people.

Enrico Gambardella, president of WWI, said: "We were very happy to be able to work with Sisal on such an important issue as that of gender equality.

"Sisal has interpreted this path in the best way possible not only by achieving certification through the measurement and analysis of the key performance indicators of the Winning Women Institute model, but already setting itself new objectives and identifying the next steps for further improvement.”

The WWI certification is the second recognition that Sisal has received in the last year in terms of gender equality, after Lifeed named it as a Caring Company thanks to its promotion of the synergy between life and work.