Right to the Source: Episode 7


In this episode of Right To The Source, social slot consultant Guy Hasson joins host Ed Birkin to unpack the history, mechanics and appeal of the $6bn+ social casino market.

Guy’s journey started back in 2008 when he applied for “a normal, regular job” at Playtech after being so exhausted by a shoot of a science fiction movie he’d written.

He followed this up with a stint as content manager at the company that nailed the secret sauce for social slots, Playtika.

“The people who created it came from the industry, came from 888. They couldn’t figure out why this worked either”, he admits.

As for the much-targeted but never-executed conversion of this now 27.5 million-strong daily audience to real-money:

“I’m guessing that most of the first two exits, Playtika and DoubleDown, were because they thought they could turn the social players into real-money. The fact it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it can’t”.

Enjoy the podcast!